Robert - Festival - Good
Heindel – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Robert, the founder of Chicken on the Bone, began his music career the age of 8, playing a shiny brass trumpet. Public schools actually had music classes “back then.” Many private lessons later and entering Jr High School, the band directors thought he was better suited for a Sousaphone… Thus the bass era started. Endless New Orleans Mardi Gras parades, concerts, band competitions, All State Honor Jr High and High School bands, band trips and the famous band camps all really happened

Late night TV exposed Robert to the likes of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Kiss’ Gene Simmons and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. And, that is what he wanted to do.

After months of begging, Robert got his first Bass guitar at 15 years of age and taught himself how to play, along with every bad habit a bass player should not have.

A lifetime of playing with friends in bands from garages to huge stages brings him to the formation of Chicken on the Bone. After going through a litany of members, the right members were found. Members with the same goal and same work ethic needed for a great cover band.

The stages got bigger, Bourbon St happened and Chicken on the Bone allowed its members to be full time musicians. Chicken on the Bone has travelled the United States and played for so many people, from Las Vegas to New York, and continues to play for the world on Bourbon Street…. and here we are!

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  Perrin Isaac – Lead Guitar / Vocals


  • Perrin Isaac  is a Music Therapy graduate of Loyola’s College of Music, and a guitar instructor for Loyola’s Popular/Commercial  Music degree Program and their Preparatory Arts  Music program. He has been the string and primary school music instructor for Ridgewood Preparatory School. He has played in numerous New Orleans original and cover bands including The Swamp Kings, Big Sun, Lynn Drury, Kim Carson, Obsession, Breakwater Drive, Blind Ambition ,Rum Boogie, Funk2, Wes Raymond and Friends, Penny Lane, No Left Turn, The Bucktown Allstars , Bobby Cure and the Summertime Blues, and Chicken on the Bone.                                                    He has toured France, Italy, and Bulgaria playing vintage American music with the ethnic dance and music ensemble, Komenka. Perrin also has done composing and recording work, including the CD entitled Leaf Music. Perrin’s hobby / passion is playing and recording music. The latest projects that he co-wrote, played, and produced were with the groups Sending Up Bricks and In Our Father’s Name and Righteous Rain. He wrote the music for Chicken on the Bone hit “Are You Ready Now”.
  • His music can be found on Apple Music, Amazon Music, CD Baby, and SpotifyPerrin 10


st11Todd Schouest – Drums / Vocals

Todd was born on Elvis Presley’s birthday, on January 8, 1961. Growing up in a middle class family in Marrero, Louisiana, his parents gave him his first drum set as a birthday gift on his sixth birthday. He became enamored with percussion instruments ever since.

Growing up, he played in many rock bands and made many recordings. Finishing high school, Todd continued to college where he earned a Bachelor of arts Degree in Communications, and then a Masters Degree in Information Science.

After having to stop his music career for six years to raise children, and old friend called him out of the blue in 2008, and asked if he would be interested in playing music again one night a week at a local tavern. Since his kids were grown and looking towards college, he accepted. There he met fellow Chicken on the Bone member and guitarist, Perrin Issac. Soon Perrin was recruited and then left the tavern to play guitar for Chicken on the Bone. Weeks later Perrin called Todd and told him the drum position was available if he were interested. Todd accepted.

Soon it became apparent that Todd could leave his job as a Library Director for a local county and devote his full attention to playing drums for Chicken on the Bone. For the past nine years, Todd has been the backbeat for COTB, and looks forward to many years ahead.

(Photo Courtesy of Crescent City Living)


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Melvin Graziano

Melvin GrazianoMelvin Graziano – Keyboards / Vocals / Swag

Melvin Graziano – Keyboards / Vocals

From an early age to current times, both sound and music have remained a driving force throughout Mel’s life. Growing up in his parent’s house meant that the radio was ALWAYS on. His love of singing and comedic impressionists led him to attempt to imitate the artists he heard. Being a native of New Orleans more directly exposed him to a wide selection of musical genres and helped his deep appreciation for all types of music. Putting those elements together became the basis for his love of performing variety cover material, and COTB offers the perfect outlet to let him get his “mix” on. It it’s fun, he’ll play it. If it’s in front of an audience, he’ll play it twice!

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DSCN4013John Heindel – Vocals / Hand Percussion

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sarahSarah Rudolph – Vocals                                    The Queen of Bourbon Street

Sarah Rudolph is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her soulful grit derives from her love of Gospel, Rock and Country music. She first began singing in church, learned guitar and piano and started writing music. Living in Hawaii for 7 years she began singing at hotels and restaurants.

She moved back home to New Orleans with a new passion to perform as much as possible to whomever would listen. She began singing with Chicken on the Bone in 2016 part time and has since joined the band full time as their female lead vocalist. With the Band she has had the privilege of singing at the MGM in Vegas, many different private and corporate events, festivals, and their steady gig on Bourbon Street.

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sarah 1sarah

David OrtegaDavid Ortega, MD – Associate to Robert Heindel, Road Manager

MD does not mean medical doctor and as road manager, he is always there to tell us when we are hitting those bumps as we cross over the lines on the way home. He’ll ask if you have forgotten anything, at least 10 miles from home!

RIP David… You are missed!