DSCN4018Robert Heindel – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Yeah, the same one… no kidding… it is him… Rocking and a rolling, Don’t worry girls, just like you requested in his yearbook, he never changed… (yeah right)

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  Perrin Isaac – Lead Guitar / Vocals

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st11Todd Schouest – Drums / Vocals

Todd has come in to the band and fits well with the Chicken on the Bone personalities.  A true Rock N Roll drummer that can play anything.
(Photo Courtesy of Crescent City Living)




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Melvin Graziano

Melvin GrazianoMelvin Graziano – Keyboards / Vocals / Swag

Melvin Graziano – Keyboards / Vocals

Melvin is one sweet Keyboard player that stumbled out of the sky to Chicken on the Bone



DSCN4013John Heindel – Vocals / Hand Percussion

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sarahSarah Rudolph – Vocals


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David OrtegaDavid Ortega, MD – Associate to Robert Heindel, Road Manager

MD does not mean medical doctor and as road manager, he is always there to tell us when we are hitting those bumps as we cross over the lines on the way home. He’ll ask if you have forgotten anything, at least 10 miles from home!