Band Name

What’s in a name?

Here is the story of Chicken on the Bone.

No, we did not steal the name from anybody… that’s about as crazy as the people who think we did… :)

It’s so funny what people think Chicken on the Bone means… and believe us, we’ve heard them all. But, here is how it happened.

One afternoon in 1992, after a rehearsal we were loloking for a new name for our band, as we had used a couple names that were not received 100% by the band back then. Well, we decided to take a break from reheasal and discussing names and went outside to think about eating, one of our favorite pasttimes.

A couple of the guys in the band had children and as we talked about eating, chicken came up in the conversation. As we talked about chicken, the kids chimed in and wanted to know if they were having chicken on the bone or chicken nuggets for dinner.

From that chicken conversation, we took the name of Chicken on the Bone.